A Composition Class Project

The following novel is written in installments by the thirteen members of the Bevier C-4 Composition Class. The story is arranged as a novel, so pay no attention to the dates of posting, but follow the tale to its close. As of January 21, we are starting the third of five scenarios for our thirteen characters. You may email or leave comments if you like, and we will be happy to respond if you wish. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Renee Scenario V

When Avery and Renee were at the Times Square, Renee had met this guy that she thought was kind of cute named Brandon Tomson. He was a cute skinny, cowboy that liked to have fun. We hung out and talked for a while, and we thought to each other that maybe we were meant to be.
After a few months of hanging out, he asked, and Renee said, “Yes.”
Time then flew by. It was Christmas day, and Renee was spending the day with her boyfriend that she had for almost ten months and her family. As she was sitting there just waiting to go to her parents house, the phone rings.
Ring, Ring, Ring she answered, “Hello.”
Brandon replied, “Are you ready?”
She responded “Yes I am.”
Brandon then said “Alright, I am on my way over.”
Click, Renee hung the phone up.
Brandon arrived, and she opened the door. When she opened the door to Brandon, he got down on his knees and asked Renee, “Will you marry me?”
Renee responded while starting to cry “Yes, I will marry you.” As they had their little moment, they then headed to Renee’s parent’s house. When they got there, Renee showed her parents her big diamond ring that Brandon got her for Christmas. Her parents were proud. After their time of spending their day with her parents, Brandon then took her back home. The next day when she awoke, she was getting ready to go spend her day with Brandon and his family.

Dimitri Scenario IV

As Dimitri had stood at the door facing Briana the night before, he knew the chances of him actually meeting up with her were 50-50 at best. He had to finish some of the business he had come here for in the first place. He was being asked to do terrible things for his country.
Even as these things weighed on his mind, he knew that he wanted nothing more than to just be normal and to try things with her. He began to despise his own government. They had lied to him, and were attempting to wage chemical warfare on the world’s most powerful nation. Nothing had been done between these two countries in at least fifteen years, and yet the hatred still ran so deep for members of the Russian government.
These same men who ran the government, ran the Russian mafia. The system was so corrupt, so much that the men elected to improve the country were the ones who were holding it back. Dimitri was just a powerless servant of course. He was their instrument of destruction. Countless people had been put underground by his hands. He acted without hesitation, doing these things because he had been told and he knew his leaders were right. He was no longer so sure.
Dimitri held the vial of liquid in his hands. It was cold to the touch, and looked like some kind of makeup. It would be ill advised to put this on your face though. Dimitri wasn’t sure what exactly it would do, but he was positive it would kill, and spread very quickly. This is exactly why he was standing in the post office.
Dimitri placed the vial in a small box and quickly sealed it, he had only done this after poking several holes the tube’s plastic bottom. The lives this would end would ultimately lay at the back of Dimitri’s mind for the rest of eternity.
He had not gone through with his superior’s desire for terrorism, and had instead chosen justice. The box was well sealed, and dropped not in the local box, but the international one. It was not addressed to an enemy of his country, but the motherland itself. Its destination was a happy one for Dimitri, The Boss’s HQ. This was a better choice than his office within the government, as that mail would be searched and scanned. The package would arrive at the HQ several weeks later, seeing it was from Dimitri, one of those idiot grunts would take it directly to The Boss’s office. He would open it seeking news of the great success in America. As Vladimir Putin would ultimately come to know, Dimitri was no longer one of his puppets. As the master puppeteer tasted his last bit of air, and struggled pull it in his lungs, he would curse the betrayal of his most trusted aide.
To the Russian people, they would lose an icon and a leader. But to those who knew better, as scarce as they were, they would rejoice. There was more for Dimitri to do, though. He needed to make sure the people of New York were safe from epidemic. He had opened of malicious virus and needed to make sure it wouldn’t hurt anyone.
At night, the local water treatment plant was easy to get into. Dimitri clutched a Skorpion in his hand, a small, single handed machine pistol that was inaccurate but made up for it with a high rate of fire. He didn’t think he would need it, but sometimes you don’t know. The hardest part was finding the place where the water went when it was finished treatment. There was no better night to do this than now, New Year’s Eve. As he found the last valve, the final barrier of protection for NYC’s water supply, he opened it and dumped the second vial of liquid inside. The serum was now going to be spread throughout the entire city in the morning. But now, Dimitri had a meeting to attend.
Dimitri did everything he could to find Briana, but it just wasn’t possible. The sheer amount of people that had flooded to the town made the already crowded streets, overflowed. Dimitri knew that things were going to be bad in Russia so he needed to make himself disappear to them, or he would surely be killed.
The Internet café was fairly empty, and almost closed for the celebrations, but Dimitri found a computer and hurriedly went to work. Sending an email to the HQ was risky, but believable. He told them that he had gotten very sick and had sent the serum to them so that they could be prepared. It was such a wonderful lie. Everyone there would voluntarily infect themselves with a deadly virus. He ended the message by forecasting his own death, saying he believed he was on the edge of life, and that he had served his nation well. He wished them all well and said goodbye. A lump formed in Dimitri’s throat as he pushed send.
Dimitri left the café, and found that the streets of New York were even more crowded than before. People were pushing and shoving to get better position in lines, some were even fighting. A man bumped into Dimitri, and paused for a moment as he passed him. Only when the man turned around did Dimitri realize it was a police officer. The officer was the no nonsense type. He asked Dimitri if he was from here, which was a dumb question. Dimitri answered honestly and cooperated. The man asked for identification and Dimitri said that he had none on him. The officer said he was going to have to take Dimitri back to the station to question him about some suspicious activity, to which Dimitri insisted could not happen.
The officer, in an extreme display off aggressiveness, pulled a baton and told Dimitri to get in the handcuffs. Dimitri punched him in the face, and felt his nose collapse under his knuckles. Before the man even hit the ground Dimitri was running through the crowd. He was running directly toward the Russian area of town, where he knew he could find shelter. The streets were less crowded this far away, and Dimitri knew it was only a matter of time before he was seen. The police obviously knew something about his actions, based on the way the officer had interrogated him. There must be a warrant on him. As Dimitri was getting into an area of town he recognized and thought he could hide in, a police car pulled around the corner and stopped 10 feet in front of him. The passenger jumped out as soon as it stopped and drew his gun. Dimitri was now 5 feet away, frozen. The only thing he could do was kick dust in the man’s face and dive out of the way.
A shot rang out, and met the pavement. It had narrowly missed Dimitri as he had dove to the ground. The next few moments passed in a blur. By the time Dimitri had gotten off the ground was putting bullets in the air. The initial burst made its mark on the side of the car, and the officers both hit the dirt in an attempt to dodge them. Dimitri’s second burst tore through the nearest man’s chest, sending him all the way to the ground. The other man was on the other side of the car, so Dimitri rolled onto his stomach and shot him in the ankles. One more burst finished the job. Dimitri knew he was going to need more firepower than an inaccurate submachine gun, so he headed toward his hotel.
His room was just as he had left it, 100% organized. The guns were completely organized. An AK-47 with more than enough ammo for a huge battle was laying on the table. Under the bed was stockpile of grenades and ammo for his Skorpion. The backpack Dimitri was about to carry would hold all of this, except for the AK. He would be carrying that. Dimitri was going to fight his way to safety.
As he stepped outside of the hotel, he figured out that was going to be much harder than he had imagined.

Zachary Scenario IV

Whenever Zach got back to the hotel, he had plans to go watch the ball drop for New Years Eve the next day. So the next day he went to watch the ball drop towards midnight and whenever he got there everyone was counting down from 10 and said HAPPY NEW YEARS! Zach later on saw Bioncha by herself sitting on a bench by herself. Zach walked up to her and said hello, what’s wrong. She said I do not want to marry this guy that my parents want me too. I miss talking to you, but im not sure if it would work. Zach then said well im willing to give it a try, do you want to come live with me? Bioncha said yes, and Zach and her are now on there way back to Zachs’ house to live haply ever after.

Avery Farr Scenario V

It was mid-March when Avery Farr got her big break. She had been leaving the small community theater where she had performed earlier that night, when a man, who was a Broadway producer, stopped and talked to her. He had attended the musical and loved her performance. He told her she had a beautiful singing voice and wanted her to star in his Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera.
Avery had of course been delighted by his offer and had accepted. She needed the pay boost that came with it. She had begun to run low on the money her mother had left her, even though she had been very frugal with it, and was only barely getting by with getting paid for her performances at the community theater.
Once she arrived back at her apartment, she called Renee Walters, her best friend who had moved out earlier that year, and told her the good news. After getting off the phone with Renee, Avery decided to go out and celebrate. She ran to her room and put on her green silk cocktail dress and then ran out the door. The only thing she was thinking about was the start of a great adventure and the fulfillment of her lifelong dream.

Kayden Smith Scenario V

Kayden’s head was in the clouds the following morning. Tanner had taken her home around one o’clock, and neither one wanted to leave each other’s side. They may have only known each other for one day, but that kiss made Kayden realize that she needed to live in the moment. One can’t plan out their future or expect the unexpected. Sometimes the most important moments of your life come at the most inconvenient time, but you have to embrace them. That was one of those moments for Kayden. She didn’t expect to meet anyone or even fall in love, but she knew she had to embrace it because everything happens for a reason.
Kayden didn’t know what to expect, but she had to experience his love. Tanner made her feel so special and happy, unlike any other guy she had dated. Maybe this could be the one…time would tell.

Remington & Rylan Scenario V

That kiss could’ve lasted forever. Holding her there in his arms. Her arms around his neck. Both of them smiling underneath their kisses. The crowd’s applause and laughter surrounding them was completely silenced to them. He whispered I love you. She whispered it back. Their foreheads touched, they closed their eyes. Time stood still.
The next morning, once again he made her second favorite breakfast. Breakfast Burritos. He knew she didn’t like blueberry pancakes two days in a row. He fixed her burrito complete with all of her favorites. Jalapenos, banana peppers, Valentina, and Cholula topped off her breakfast master piece. He couldn’t stop smiling. She came into the kitchen in his t-shirt, make-up-less, messy hair, and beautiful. Rubbing her eyes she walked over to him and hugged him. She smelled so good. She thanked him again with a kiss. This was the start of a beautiful beginning.
Seven years down the road. Same sweet love. Same midnight kisses. Same bedside breakfasts. There’s going to be a little one. She says it’s time to go. He breaks into a sweat. She calms him in a firm voice to get the car. He scrambles around searching for the keys. She yells at him because they are already in the car. He dashes into the garage. She chuckles at his clumsy actions. He normally does pretty well under pressure, but not this time. She holds her back and slowly makes her way outside. He scrambles out of the car and runs up to her and picks her up and carries her to the car. He is freaking out. He keeps asking her if she is okay. She smiles shakes her head yes.
At the hospital he carries her in and yells for someone to get a doctor on the double. She laughs at his impatience. She asks him to put her down. He does very gently. She kisses his cheek and whispers, “calm down love” into his ear. He smiles kisses her forehead and then turns to yell at the nurse for not getting a doctor fast enough. She laughs, but it’s starting to hurt. The pain is growing ever quickly. The twins are getting very impatient.
Hours pass. He won’t leave her side. He screams when she does.
The moment comes. A baby’s cry fills the room. Then another baby’s cry echoes. Tears stream down his face. She smiles as he gets their baby boy. Ryder. He looked just like Rylan. Simply beautiful. The doctor brought their second miracle to Remington. Her face was perfect. God’s faultless gifts. They both were crying. Life would never be the same.

Miranda Scenario V

The bell rang and Miranda got out of anatomy class, it was her last class and as usual Ethan was waiting for her in the door. Miranda had started school three weeks ago, and Ethan had been helping her a lot during those weeks, although everybody was really nice to her and she had not had any trouble making friends. Ethan had asked her for a date that weekend and of course she had accepted it. She really liked him, and she enjoyed being with him. It was Friday and after saying good bye to Ethan, Maya, one of her new friends, took her home.
She arrived home around three thirty and when she saw her dad was at home she though it was weird, her dad always was at work at four in the afternoon. She said hello to her dad and her dad with a big smile started talking to Miranda.
- Miranda how was your day at school?
- It was really good, dad, why are you at home? Tell me what is going on…
- Honey, we are coming back to Madrid! Isn’t it great? I’m going to be the principal at the bank of Spain, you are going to go to your school again and you are going to see your friends! I felt so bad for you when we moved…
When Richard said that the world stopped for Miranda, she couldn’t believe they were moving, this was the third month, and she loved the new high school and Ethan… she didn’t want to lose him. She felt betrayed.
- Dad, you can’t do this! Please, don’t do it! I am already used to all of this, and you know I love it, you know I love New York! You don’t do this because of me; you just care about your job.
- Miranda! This is the best choice for everybody and you will do whatever I say.
Miranda started crying and went to her bedroom. She spent there two hours, just crying and thinking about how much she was going to miss all of this. Her mom arrived home and she knocked Miranda’s door. Miranda let her come in.
- Hi honey, I see your father told you the news… I know you must be upset, I am sad too. But Miranda, this is really important for your father and so for us, besides, you are coming back here whenever you want, and you know that.
- Mom, I know that but why move now? We have been here just three months, and dad’s job right now is enough good.
- Miranda, we are moving in three weeks no matter what so the best for you is to accept it, and enjoy these three weeks here.
Miranda told everybody about the news, all her friends looked very sad, nevertheless she decided to follow her mom’s advice and enjoy. She prepared a party before moving and she had her date with Ethan, it was amazing although it made her being even sadder. The last days she packed everything.
The plane lift at eleven o’clock in the morning and it was ten thirty, they had been in the airport since two hours ago, and now they were going to the flight’s gate. They arrived there and when they were showing the tickets to the people in charge someone called Miranda. Before turning around Miranda knew who was, she started crying, she turned around and hugged him. They just didn’t say anything; they stared at each other until Miranda realized she had to go to the plane. Ethan kissed her for the last time and let her go. Once in the plane Miranda looked at the window and she felt happy because of all the things she had lived and all the people she had met, then she turned to her mom and she started talking to her.

Briley -- Scenario V

Briley looked up at the early morning sky. The sun was just rising on New York City’s tall skyscrapers. She felt a little sorrowful, but she also felt happy. She knew she said that she hated Adam and would never take him back, but she couldn’t help but miss him. She kept saying to herself that he was a terrible man, and that he deserved Briley’s ex best friend. Then when he arrived in New York to surprise her, she melted. No one had ever made her feel the way she did.
She had such a great connection. Not only physical, but there were always sparks when they spoke. Such a cliché but it was the most amazing thing ever. They could always spend hours on end talking about anything and everything. And the conversation never got old. And when he touched her hand or brushed her shoulder or smiled at her, she melted like butter. It was hopeless. She was a fool in love. And she knew she had to take him back.

At noon, Haley was in the living room as Briley prepared for her lunch date with Adam. Haley didn’t know it, but Briley was meeting Adam to discuss her going back home. Haley just figured that Briley was going there to end it all. But Briley didn’t know.
Haley hated Adam with a passion, because of what he did to Briley.
Briley smiled awkwardly at Haley as she twirled around in her dress that she was wearing. Haley put a thumbs up and said something intelligible and then swallowed the ice cream that she was devouring, but not gaining a pound. She repeated herself, “Way to make him want you before you shoot him down. I taught you well.”
Briley felt a pang of guilt, “Yeah…uh… Hales, I need to tell you something…”
Just then the door buzzed. Haley said, “Yeah?”
A male voice that I found so seductive all those years came over the intercom, “Its Adam. Is Briley ready?”
Haley glared at the buzzer, “Yeah, she will be right down.”

Adam put his hand on the small of Briley’s back as they walked back to Haley’s apartment. It was four o’clock in the evening now, and she bit her lip in anxiety as she contemplated telling Haley her verdict. They got into the apartment building and made the slow march to hell as she thought about what she would say.
Haley was sitting on the couch reading the latest Vampire Kisses novel when they walked in. Haley looked up with a smile, but that smile faded quickly as she saw Adam standing behind Briley. “Oh. It’s you. Briley, why is he in my apartment. I thought you were getting rid of him.”
Adam gave Briley a shocked look. Briley bit her lip in frustration, “Uh… Haley, I know I told you I was meeting Adam to finalize things… You just assumed that I was ending our relationship. But no, I am actually here to tell you that I am moving back to Kansas. Tonight.”
Haley looked hurt. But then her expression softened, “I am going to miss you so much, Briles.”
Briley let a tear fall, “And I will miss you!”
The two embraced as they cried. Briley would miss Haley, but she was going home.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dimitri Scenario V

The ball had dropped, and New York was in a state of pandemonium. No one knew, but there was a major gun battle about to erupt. Dimitri had walked out of his hotel to hear police sirens closing in, and even the hum of a helicopter. He had dealt with plenty of them in his time, but this was different, he was completely open to attack. He climbed a ladder and jumped across onto the roof of an adjacent building.
The helicopter appeared and its searchlight began looking for Dimitri. He duck behind a parapet, and made sure his rifle was ready to fire. He ran across the rooftop and jumped to another that was higher. But as he made the jump, a light engulfed him. The helicopter had circled back and caught him. Dimitri was in a very high position, but the chopper was even higher. Almost within seconds, four squad cars arrived in front of the building.
The officers all had pistols pulled and aimed at Dimitri. He had the high ground, so he had a tactical advantage in that respect, but there were 8 of them, and one of him, a significant disadvantage. Dimitri took some time to survey his situation and peeked over the parapet. One of the officers fired at him, missing very wide left. Dimitri had an escape route, but would need to shed the police to get there. He had arranged on his way to NYC for a boat to be sent to a dock on the Hudson River for him. It was still there, hopefully. Dimitri began to walk across the roof in a low crouch, but shots rang from behind him, and pinged off the roof only a few feet from him.
Dimitri swung around with his rifle ready. As quickly as he spotted the two men on the opposite rooftop, he had opened fire. Two quick bursts, and two blood-curdling screams. Dimitri did not like the nature of his work, but as his father always told him “You cannot change what you are good at.”
This led Dimitri into a series of ego inflating thoughts about his talent for killing. He was snapped out of his trance by the familiar hum of the helicopter. It was back, and this time with a purpose. There was a man positioned out of the side with an automatic rifle, but for whatever reason he was unaware of Dimitri’s position. Then Dimitri realized the man’s eyes were trained on his fallen comrades on the other roof. An unfortunate reality for this man was that he would be joining them. It looked as if an invisible hand pulled the man from the helicopter as the bullets tore through him, and he landed in a heap next to his buddies.
Dimitri turned his attention to the men on the ground, as he peeked over the parapet, they opened fire, just barely missing. Dimitri tossed one of his frag grenades into the street below, and as it exploded, it took the lives of 8 men and 4 squad cars. Sirens could be heard in the distance, so Dimitri enjoyed the snap of a new magazine in his rifle.
He had to get moving, or else he would be surrounded too quickly to react. As he climbed onto higher roofs, and jumped across to even ones, he came across one that was incredibly high. It was a gigantic church, and was a difficult climb. Now the cars were lining up in the street below, all police of course. As Dimitri neared the peak of the bell tower, he could see that his escape was getting more and more complicated. Priority number 1 was the helicopter. It had returned yet again, and seemed to have another man in the gun. This man was much more attentive. A long and concentrated burst of gunfire tore into the side of the building, the closest of which met their mark within six inches of Dimitri. He rolled into the tower and took cover. He checked his rifle one last time and swung it around. The first burst ran along the side of the chopper, but didn’t hit any vitals. The man reappeared to counter fire, and Dimitri ducked. Lead flew inches over Dimitri’s head, and for the first time in his life, Dimitri felt he was equally matched. This was true of the gunman, but not the pilot.
As soon as he pooped back up, he fired intensely. This chased the gunman back inside the cabin of the chopper. Dimitri then turned his attention to firing on the pilot. A long burst into the windshield until it shattered, and the pilot slumped in his seat. Without a pilot, the helicopter took a downward dive. Dimitri was admiring his work, but all of the sudden was caught by a burning feeling. This feeling intensified as Dimitri peered down at his chest. A hole had been torn in his jacket, and more importantly the right side of his chest.
In a sense, this sealed his fate. He was now wounded and against countless law enforcement officers. But he didn’t have to die in this tower. Dimitri swept his rifle across the street, and emptied an entire clip. Then he threw the clip as hard as he could, followed by two grenades. Dimitri almost didn’t notice the helicopter crashing into the side of a building, it slammed into the ground, and a grenade blast made it explode in a blaze of glory.
Dimitri knew he had to make an escape. He took off his jacket and slung his rifle over his shoulders, and looked for a power line. The tower had a single power line running directly away from where to police where. He used it as a zip line and took his rifle back out with his free hand. He fired on the police that he could see, and scored a hit on one. But they fired back, and a bullet hit Dimitri in the thigh. It seared through all the meat, and was incredibly painful. But as soon as he got it back together and managed to keep his grip, another shot shattered his wrist, forcing him to let go of the line and into a freefall.
The funny thing about falling is landing. Most people get right back up after they fall, but this would not be the case. Dimitri’s mind raced as he plummeted. The concrete looked too thin to break his fall. One thing stayed in Dimitri’s mind; a petite American girl that made him change his mind about America, and effectively started all this. It was unfortunate that he had to kill all those men earlier, they didn’t deserve any of it.
The shadow grew as he approached the ground. Dimitri closed his eyes for the last time. He made his peace and said cursed the life he had lived. Then he made contact. His arms hit first, and were pulverized. His face exploded out of the back of his head, and everything was dark.
The news that night described the event as a terrorist attack on NYC. What they did not know was the heroism he had shown for the country he knew so little of, and what he had done to his native Russia. There was no memorial service for Dimitri. His remains had been cleaned within an hour. His face was never to be seen again, only remembered by that little American girl he had met once.

Sabrina Scenario V

She finally found him. After a week of searching the big city of New York, she finally found him. He was staying in a big apartment building on the other side of central park in apartment number 22. She decided that night was the night. It was New Year’s Eve and she was going to win him back, she just had to. She spent the whole day getting ready and preparing herself for what the night was going to bring. Many questions kept running through her mind. Like what if he had moved on already with someone else, what if he left all his feeling for her that warm day in May when he left so long ago. She couldn’t think about all those things though. She had to keep a positive mindset.
Late that evening the streets were packed full of people. But that was expected on New Year’s. Everyone was out celebrating the new year to come. She then made her way to his apartment building. She stood there and just stared at the front door before she finally made herself go inside. Slowly but with a bit of anxiousness she made her way to his door. She knocked a few times. She didn’t hear anything, and just when she was about to leave, the door opened. They stared at each other for what seemed like hours. Sabrina could feel tears welling in her eyes. For so long she longed to see his face, this face standing right in front of her.
The she suddenly got this overwhelming urge to hold him. And before she knew it she was. She started to pull away when she realized what she done, but then she noticed that he was holding her back. He was actually into it and not pulling away. Then the inevitable tears came. She tried to pull away, but he wouldn’t let her. Then all of the sudden she was in his tight embrace and he was kissing her. Not gently either. Passionately like he had done nothing but think about and totally obsess over how much he loved and missed her over the past few months. This is exactly what he had done.
He tried to distract himself from thinking about her by burying himself in his work. It wasn’t working though. He still went home every night fighting not to go back. He knew he couldn’t. He had the same fears she did. He thought she would have already moved on and he couldn’t forgive himself for ever leaving her. He felt he deserved the punishment of a broken heart for breaking hers. And now here she was. As beautiful as ever, right in front of him. This overwhelming feeling of love and relief swept over him and he couldn’t control himself. He had to hold her. He had dreamed of this day for many months. But he always reminded himself that it was just a dream. But now, now it was reality. She was here with him, and this time he wasn’t going to let her go. This time she was his forever and he would do whatever it took to keep her safe and happy, with him.