A Composition Class Project

The following novel is written in installments by the thirteen members of the Bevier C-4 Composition Class. The story is arranged as a novel, so pay no attention to the dates of posting, but follow the tale to its close. As of January 21, we are starting the third of five scenarios for our thirteen characters. You may email or leave comments if you like, and we will be happy to respond if you wish. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Avery Farr Scenario V

It was mid-March when Avery Farr got her big break. She had been leaving the small community theater where she had performed earlier that night, when a man, who was a Broadway producer, stopped and talked to her. He had attended the musical and loved her performance. He told her she had a beautiful singing voice and wanted her to star in his Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera.
Avery had of course been delighted by his offer and had accepted. She needed the pay boost that came with it. She had begun to run low on the money her mother had left her, even though she had been very frugal with it, and was only barely getting by with getting paid for her performances at the community theater.
Once she arrived back at her apartment, she called Renee Walters, her best friend who had moved out earlier that year, and told her the good news. After getting off the phone with Renee, Avery decided to go out and celebrate. She ran to her room and put on her green silk cocktail dress and then ran out the door. The only thing she was thinking about was the start of a great adventure and the fulfillment of her lifelong dream.

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