A Composition Class Project

The following novel is written in installments by the thirteen members of the Bevier C-4 Composition Class. The story is arranged as a novel, so pay no attention to the dates of posting, but follow the tale to its close. As of January 21, we are starting the third of five scenarios for our thirteen characters. You may email or leave comments if you like, and we will be happy to respond if you wish. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Tomorrow was the big day, the day she took the long plane ride from her small hometown of Greenfield, Oregon, to the big city of New York. Though she didn’t want to leave her family, she needed something new, an adventure. It was time for Scarlet Benochi to grow up and start a life of her own in The Big Apple. She had always been very family oriented person, so moving wouldn’t be easy.

The next day she packed up all her bags and prepared for her trip. Her family had a big going away dinner to send her off. As she hugged all of her loved ones and said her goodbyes, tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn’t believe she was going to be thousands of miles from these people whom she loved so much, but she had to be strong. As she boarded her plane, she looked back at all she was leaving behind, but this time felt a sense of peace she was starting a life of her own, and it was going to be a great adventure.

When she got off the plane, she was so nervous. There were so many people all around her, and it was so chaotic. She took a cab to her new apartment and as she stepped in the door, she was less than amazed. It was kind of small and empty, but she knew with a little fixing up she knew she could make it a home.

by Hunter


Sabrina Marie Johnson was just a simple girl from the little town of Bevier, Mo. She grew up with a good Christian family that instilled good character and Christian morals in her. She is the oldest of her other two siblings, therefore she’s always had to be the one to take up more responsibilities in the household.

She enjoyed the little things in life. Blue jeans, a t-shirt, and cowgirl boots was her signature look. Her free time was spent working on her chevy pickup, and her 1100 shadow, her pride and joy. Well and before everything in her perfect life came crashing down, it was spending time with that special someone, after all he could do was just constantly consumes her thoughts.
It seemed like more and more it was getting harder to distract herself from his memory. She could still remember how he smelled and looked the last time she saw him. How he looked at her with that crooked smile and told her that he loved her. She knew he wasn’t lying, he was genuine about it. It made her heart beat more rapidly as she gazed into his eyes. She could feel the tears coming. This was bad, she didn’t like letting anyone see her cry, especially him. He always had a way of getting to her emotions, no matter how hard she tried denying it, he really did. He owned her heart. It was the inevitable. No matter how much she wished it wasn’t so, especially now, when he wasn’t with her. When it killed her that she couldn’t hold him, kiss him, or tell him how much she loved him.
That’s what growing up does to us though. It makes us get in touch with reality. Life can’t always be like it was in high school. You can’t always look to your parents for help and to do everything for you. We have to do things on our own now, for ourselves. That’s what he did. He’s pursued his dream. And this dream took him to New York. XXX miles away from her. But she couldn’t keep him from leaving; she’d hate herself if she did. He had to go, she had no choice. Even though he gave her the choice, she knew it wasn’t hers to make. Even though with every inch of her being she wanted to chase him down the driveway as he left on that rainy Tuesday afternoon in the middle of may, and tell him that she didn’t want him to leave, that their love for each other would be enough to keep them both happy, but she knew deep down that he would never be as happy if he didn’t leave. So she watched as he drove off in his blue chevy pickup, as her world slowly fell beneath her, until she could finally see him disappear into the horizon. At that moment she knew she would never be the same.
Days passed on. Then turned into months, and she still mourned at the loss of her one true love. She tried distracting herself in her school work. She was attending a college about an hour from her home town. But even her chemistry and psych classes weren’t enough to take her mind off of him. She still yearned for his touch, his smell, his smile. Then the pain became to unbearable. She couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t take the need to hold him not being fulfilled. She had to see him, had to feel his warmth, and look into those dark brown eyes and get that feeling of security that everything was ok when she was in his arms again. It was slowly killing her inside. She wasn’t happy, as much as she tried making herself move on she just couldn’t. That’s when she made an impulsive decision to go find him. She played their meeting in her head a million times. In her dreams she would run up to him, wrap her arms around him and tell him that she couldn’t live another day without him. Then he would look in her eyes and tell her that he had felt as much pain as she had in the past few months and would never leave her again. That everything would be ok now that they were together. That was in her better dreams. There were still the ones that didn’t have such great endings. In the worst of her nightmares about him, she would find him moved on with another girl, some would be of him on a date with a former girlfriend, others would be of him at parties with several girls, and the worst were the ones where he would be living with a new girl, completely in love, and totally oblivious to the existence of Sabrina. These were the vivid dreams. In these she could feel her heart literally breaking in her body. These dreams always made her wake up in a sweat, usually crying and shaking.
The following morning she bought her plane ticket to New York. The whole time wondering if she was making the right decision. I mean what if he didn’t love her anymore, what if he had moved on. She couldn’t think about that though. She went through with the plan. That night she packed up her things and went to bed early. Though she didn’t sleep at all, she laid there ready for the day to come.

by Samantha

Monday, January 11, 2010


Broadway. New York. These two things were constantly on Avery Farr’s mind. Ever since she was a little girl she wanted to go to New York. Now twenty-four, and sitting on the red velvet seats of a passenger train, she was headed for the Big Apple. Her head was still spinning after the past few days events.
Avery’s whole life, she had taken care of her ill mother. Her dreams were always put on hold until ten days ago today when she found out her mother had left her some money after her death. Avery looked out the window as the greenery flew by and started thinking.

She sat remembering the day she found out her mother had had a secret bank account set up for her. It was just a few days after the funeral when her mother’s lawyer, Tom Broker, contacted her and told her that her mother had left her something in her will and to come by his office. Avery hadn’t known her mother had even written a will, but she decided to go to find out what was left to her.
Once at Tom’s office, he read a letter her mother had written to her telling of how proud her mother was of her and how much she loved Avery. The letter also explained that Avery’s mother had set up a secret bank account when she was eight and had been depositing a small amount of money every month up until her death.

“How much exactly is in this bank account?” Avery asked wide-eyed.

“Well there’s about $19,400 in the account,” Tom read off, “your mother said she wanted you to use it to get to New York and rent an apartment so you can follow your dreams.”

Avery sat in the small chair still not believing that her mother had had this money set aside for her for all these years. Tears swelled in her eyes at the thought of her mother sacrificing so much even though her mother had been ill a majority of her life.

After leaving Tom’s office, Avery headed back home to think about all that happened and to plan her trip. The next few days went by in a blur as she started calling hotels and train services and of course packing.

Once everything was settled a few days later, Avery shoved her things into the trunk of the taxi and was on her way to the train station. She looked out the back window of the taxi at the house she had lived in with her mother and was saddened at the thought that she might never return to Champaign, Illinois.

Avery focused on these thoughts as her breath fogged up the window of the train. She was so deep in thought that she didn’t notice the train attendant standing beside the empty aisle seat beside her.

“Excuse me, miss?”

Avery jolted slightly at the sudden break of silence and turned her attention to the attendant. She was a pretty golden haired woman, the attendant, with a short stature and a cheery disposition. Avery felt herself staring at the woman so she quickly smiled at her.

“Would you like anything to eat or drink, miss?” the attendant asked cheerily. She flashed a smile at Avery and waited for her response.

“Um…a glass of water please?” Avery asked wearily. The attendant smiled again and rushed off down the car. Avery turned her attention back to the passing greenery and wished she could be as cheerful as the short blonde woman.
Avery sighed and began wondering what her new life would be like once she got to New York. She was excited, but also nervous and saddened about leaving her childhood home behind. She felt her eyes grow heavy with exhaustion, so she brought her knees to her chest, leaned her head against the window, and fell asleep.

Avery awoke to the sound of the train’s breaks screeching beneath her. She got up from her seat and stretched, accidently knocking over the glass of water the attendant had brought for her while she slept. She picked up the cup and apologized to the cheery attendant who told her not to worry about it while juggling her bags on her shoulders and in her other hand.

Avery exited the train and stepped into Grand Central Station. She was awed at the size and beauty of the building. After walking out the door she gasped at what she saw. Thousands of people crowding the sidewalks, hundreds of cars stuck in traffic, and the giant buildings that reached toward the sky.

Hailing a taxi was harder in New York than it had been in Champaign. It took twenty minutes for Avery to finally get one to pull to the curb for her. After having her belongings stuffed into the trunk, she gave the driver directions to the hotel she would be staying in until she found a place of her own.

After arriving at her hotel, she had her bags taken to her room and decided to explore the hotel a little. She went swimming in the rooftop pool, ate dinner at the hotel restaurant, and finally went up to her room. She went over to the window of her room on the 26th floor and looked out at the city’s multicolored lights.
Avery sighed, “ This is it, mom. We’re here.” She then lay down on her bed and fell asleep.

By Luc


The idea of going to New York City to run from the law seemed ridiculous but it was just the kind of place for someone like Dimitri Kerechniklov to go. Being a Russian immigrant in the southwest was too conspicuous, and in NYC there was a large Russian community, providing cover and hospitality. The Boss would not be happy with this relocation, but this decision would bring safety and many more resources for the studies that still needed completion.

Dimitri was “notorious” in Russia for his criminal activities and involvement with the Russian Mafia. He was often looked at as The Boss’s most trusted operative, that is until the accident two years ago. Dimitri was in a high-speed chase with a rival group after he recovered a flash drive from their headquarters in Moscow. He was instructed to lose the pursuers and take the flash drive directly to The Boss. The chase was not going well, and Dimitri was run off the road by another car, his car violently hit a tree and burst into flames. A man from the other car retrieved the flash drive and left Dimitri to die. He was pulled out of the car by what seemed to be a divine act. When he came to he realized that the savior was The Boss himself, and that an entire convoy of vehicles had accompanied him. He was unsure how long he had been unconscious,
The Boss spoke softly and sternly “Dimitri this is a most unfortunate situation, where is the drive?”

“It was taken from me.” Dimitri replied painfully.

“I assumed as much. For years you have been at my side and have never failed me, today on what could have been our greatest triumph, you have finally shown weakness.”

“In my greatest regret for my actions, I throw myself at your mercy.”

“Dimitri our mission has been compromised because of your shortcoming, but I will spare you because of all you have done for me. We must leave before the authorities get here.” The Boss spoke these last few words and left.

Two men came and carried Dimitri towards The Boss’s SUV, but instead put him in the back of a pickup truck. He was treated for his wounds by one of the medics in the bed of the truck, which left the convoy at a certain point. It was now driving down an empty road, and the air of the cold Russian winter had begun to get to Dimitri. He was considering asking where they were going and if he could have a coat, but the only other man in the back of the truck was the medic, who now sat with a rifle in his lap and a mean look on his face. Dimitri couldn’t wait any longer.

“Where are we going?”

The medic replied, “You will see soon enough comrade.”

Though it was not the answer he was looking for, it had at least been enough to let him know they were almost there. The only things he could see were icy fields, and the road behind him. What could they possibly be taking him out here for? The Boss must have ordered them to take him very far away and terminate him. This would be the perfect place. Just then they stopped abruptly and the soldier in the passenger side got out of the truck. He gave Dimitri an icy stare and walked in front of the truck. There was a short rustle and a yelp. How odd. Four gunshots rang out and the soldier got back into the truck while reloading his sidearm.

The truck began moving again and Dimitri could see four dead dogs on the side of the road. It was a bad day to be in the way of this truck. After almost 15 more minutes the truck stopped at a fence. The driver said something into the intercom and the gate opened. The truck passed into a very small compound, with only two buildings, one was labeled as the barracks and the other was labeled as a laboratory. As soon as the truck stopped the medic opened the tailgate and pushed Dimitri out onto the ground.

“This is where you get off, go inside the Laboratory and talk to the man named Alexei. He will have your new assignment.”

The truck returned the way it had come, and Dimitri hurried inside to speak to Alexei. When he went in the laboratory he noticed that it was a lot bigger and nicer that he had thought. It was three stories, the second two both being underground. An elderly man with an awkward gait approached him.

“I assume you are my new operative. My name is Alexei, and here my associates and I are working on a top secret project that you may know nothing of. You have been sent to be my errand boy. Your job description is this: I will frequently need mail and groceries fetched from town, you will acquire them for me. You may sleep in the barracks, I will see you in the morning, good night.”

As Dimitri slept he heard something going on outside, and it was very loud. Someone burst into the room and started yelling profanity at the men. He ordered everyone out and into the truck. When Dimitri got outside he stood next to Alexei who whispered in his ear.

“We knew this day would come, the government is here to shut us down. I cannot let my years of work go to waste, it is a shame we did not have more time to get acquainted. While I was talking I slipped a cylinder of liquid into your pocket, it is what the Boss sent you here for me to give you. You must take it back to him. Do not burst it or open it.”

Just then the soldier screamed at Alexei to quit talking. When he failed to say yes sir, the soldier kicked him in the stomach and shot him in the leg. He pointed the gum directly at Dimitri and told him to beg for mercy. Dimitri delivered a swift kick in the groin and took the soldier’s rifle. He opened fire on the rest of the soldiers and jumped into their cargo truck, which had still been running. He completely blew through the gate and was on his way back to Moscow.

His arrival back at The Boss’s Headquarters received a mixed reception. Some looked at him as unworthy of his position due to his failure the day before, others were excited by the story of his heroism at the lab. Dimitri was just glad that the worst night of his life was over. The new day had begun, and he was back in the safety of his own territory.

Upon speaking to The Boss, Dimitri learned he would be heading to Phoenix, Arizona. His mission was to learn of the American scientist’s progress on a similar project, since they no longer had that information because of the lost flash drive. If the American scientists were convinced that they had made a breakthrough that could counter the vial of liquid Dimitri had gotten from the Russian lab, he was to give himself a dose and then return to Russia with the rest at the end of the study.
Infiltration of the lab was easy enough. There were no guards, and the men inside were unarmed. Dimitri spoke to the scientists, and they were confident their serum would work. These men gave Dimitri plenty of the serum, they just wanted to keep their lives. Dimitri wanted answers. He didn’t know what he had gotten in Russia, he didn’t know why he was here now or what this serum was preventing. He asked the scientists, but they claimed to not know. They said all they were told by their government was that it was to prevent massive casualties. Dimitri knew then that he must have something awful inside that large vial he had been carrying with him. The scientists refused to tell any more, so Dimitri killed them. He was sick of this game, and decided that he must contact The Boss.

Dimitri was on his way to New York City, via train. Trains have less security to go through, and it is highly unlikely that a Russian national with a long list of crime could board a plane in America. New York City is the largest center of population in the United States, and The Boss had specifically instructed him to go there, and upon his arrival, mail the rest of the serum back to Russia.

The Boss had always been too secretive and vague. Dimitri had not even known his name, and had never seen his face. That was until several weeks ago when Dimitri had men at the headquarters talking about a plan to take down the Americans. They spoke of cleansing the world, and finishing the Cold War. That war had been over for fifteen years. When The Boss told Dimitri that flash drive had information that was “vital to his existence”, Dimitri knew he must have it. He crashed his car on purpose, and kept the drive to himself. Here on this train, his laptop would tell him everything he needed to know.

by Patrick


He was on his way to New York right now because of a girl that he met last year on their mission trip. They had grown very close to each other when they were on their trip; they still today were very close. They exchanged numbers and e-mail, and they had been messaging each other daily since the last day he saw her.

Zachary Morris was 23 and single, and he had been dating a lot these last couple of months, but it had not been working out good because I hadn't really found anyone who got him. He felt like the only person in this world that got him was that girl. Her name was Bioncha Elizabeth Ryan, and she was amazing. Zachary got on the computer to talk to her the other day, and he was going to tell her his true feelings, but right when he got on the computer, she said, “Guess What!!!!!!!”

He said, “ Hey, And what???”

She Said, “I’m getting married to a guy that is friends with my parents!”

He then said, “You can't!”

She then replied ”Why?”

“ Because I’m falling for you.”

She said “ I have loved you for the longest time, and you never have visited once, you have never told me the way you feel until now, so I need to move on.”

Zachary whispered, “ Well, do you still love me?”

She said” I will never stop loving you, but I don’t know if it would ever work, so good bye, and good luck!”

Zachary didn’t say anything back to her because he was in such shock that he let the one person who cared, and the one person who really got him out of his life!

Then he thought to himself, "She said that she still had feelings for me, but she just had to move on." He then started packing up all of his stuff, so determined to see her again, and hopefully he could change her mind because he would not let this go in his life.

Zachary then raced to the Airport to get the quickest plane to New York, and all they had was first class tickets which cost him an arm and a leg, but it would be worth it. The whole time he was waiting for his plane to board he just kept thinking what am he going to say to this girl, and this trip was crazy what if she was just saying she liked him to make him feel better. He did not care though; he had to try.

So there he was on a plane from Reno, Nevada, headed to New York to tell Bioncha he loved her! He thought to himself, "I have to get on two more planes before I am there. I stop in St. Louis Missouri first the fly to somewhere in Pennsylvania, then I will be there to see her and tell her what I think and that she shouldn’t do this and I really do want this to work or I wouldn’t have traveled across the United States to get to her.

"Well here I am 13 anxious hours later sitting in New York Trying to rent a car at the airport. There computer is messing up and they told me to take a seat and they will get back to me in a minute when the computer works. I cant wait to find a hotel room because I am so tired, and don’t want to be around anyone right now." With that, Zachary got off the plane.

by Andy


Dear Diary,
It has been two weeks since my nineteenth birthday and I have decided it is time for me to make a change in my life. I have always wanted to travel and now seems like the perfect time, I just want to get out of this small retched town of Braymer. I have lived there all of my life and just a change of scenery, not just a small one but am extremely large one for the better.

Braymer, Alabama is a small country town of about 910 people. It may not seem as small as other towns in the world but to me it is like the town is just a grain of sand in an hour glass. Everybody hear seems to know everything about everyone, though some people may like that, I however am getting a little tired of everyone knowing about my personal life and would just like a little privacy.

So as I have already said I am ready for a change in my life and tomorrow is that day. I have been asking myself why tomorrow, my not right now? Then it came to mind that I should at least have to heart to tell my family and friends and let them prepare themselves for the chance that they may not see me for months or even years. The same goes with writing in here.

Carolyn Greenfield was a nineteen year old girl from Braymer, a small country town in Southern Alabama. Her family was rather wealthy and well admired there. Her family owned a business called Greenfield Farms.

Her family was the kind of family that not only were wealthy and respected but they were also people people do not want to have as their enemy. Though Carolyn loved her family deeply, she knew that people talked of her family as if they were worthless and some even thought the same as her, though she was not anything like them. That included her father Derek, mother Donna, and siblings Johnathan, Laura, and Dylan.

Johnathan and Laura were both older than Carolyn and her family expected her to be just like them, the perfect child who stayed in Braymer and will marry a young man from a wealthy family and never leaving. Carolyn seems to think that this way of living was due to her grandparents who had lived in Braymer for their entire lives and now her brother and sister were doing the same thing. In spite of this, Carolyn knew that this way of life was not for her.

Once Carolyn told her family that she would be leaving, she and her sister went up stairs to begin the packing. They did not think it would take that long to pack three suit cases of the things she would need. Needless to say it took them longer then she planned for by the time they were finished. It was almost ten-thirty in the evening and they all knew that the next day would come early, so off to bed they all headed.

When morning came, Carolyn and her family had a farewell breakfast for her then took her to the train station. Her train was leaving at straight up noon so she wanted to make sure she was there at least an hour before departure time so she would be able to find the correct train that she would be on. Once she and her family found the right platform, they went on ahead and said their goodbyes fore they thought it would be less emotional to say it prior to right before train left.
Carolyn spent eight hours on the train and for the majority of that time she slept since she was by herself. When she arrived in Rochester, New York the first thing she did was get a cab and go to the Marriot Hotel where she made reservations. By cab it took her a half an hour to arrive there, by then it was eight forty-five in the evening and was exhausted from the long trip as well as tired of sitting down for that long of time. When she checked-in and went up stairs to her room she didn’t bother unpacking her belongings, instead she went to sleep, for in the morning she would have time to unpack before she went out siteseeing.

by Shelby

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Lillyanna stepped off the plane with a bright smile and a feeling of contentment. She had finally made it to New York City! She had always wanted to go to New York, but Lillyanna lived in Bevier, Missouri. Going to New York seemed next to impossible. Almost as impossible as becoming famous!

Well, Lillyanna had just finally learned NOTHING was impossible. Lillyanna had always dreamed of being famous. When she was little, she would look in the mirror and say quotes from movies out loud. her mom had laughed at her because when Lillyanna was crying, she would run to the mirror and look at herself and quote a sad movie line.

Lillyanna graduated high school which she never thought she was going to do, Lillyanna thought to herself, “If I can graduate high school, why can’t I be famous?” Lillyanna booked the first flight to New York. She was going to go to New York Film Academy to fulfill her goal. Before Lillyanna became so ambitious, she never finished anything. She never thought she could do well enough, so she set her goals way too low.

She worked at Walmart for yhree years accepting that she might work there for the rest of her life. But one day it was like something hit her that this was her life, and if she had enough will and she was determined, she could do what she wanted to do. If she couldn’tsucceed, at least she could say she tried and not feel like a failure all her life. So here she was stepping off the plane in the big City where she can finally full fill her dream of maybe some day being famous.

by Angelica