A Composition Class Project

The following novel is written in installments by the thirteen members of the Bevier C-4 Composition Class. The story is arranged as a novel, so pay no attention to the dates of posting, but follow the tale to its close. As of January 21, we are starting the third of five scenarios for our thirteen characters. You may email or leave comments if you like, and we will be happy to respond if you wish. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dimitri and Brianna

Dimitri arrived into the Russian area of New York via bicycle. The first thing he did was find a motel, and see if the lobby was still open. It was, and he gave the receptionist $50 for a room. He took the key and went inside the trashy room and slept in the scratchy bed.
Morning came and Dimitri packed up his things, and went to get some breakfast. He walked down the street to a Denny’s, and ordered a Grand Slam Breakfast. Once he was done eating he decided he would head back into downtown.
The bike was still where he had left it, so he rode into town on it. About an hour later he arrived back at his destination from the day before, the Empire State Building.
Morning had broken and Briana awoke to the sun shining through the flower dotted curtains. It was the city, but yet it was still so beautiful. She pulled the covers off of herself and trotted her way into the bathroom. She started her morning off with a nice shower and put on some of her nicest clothes. She then did her hair, and once done, she proceeded downstairs to the lobby. It smelt like freshly made coffee and sugar covered donuts. This was not her morning to stay and eat though, she was headed out to check out all of the little coffee shops that New York had to offer.
Dimitri was riding his bike when he saw a penny on the ground he turned to look at it was fascinated by it for whatever reason. Just as he was turning back around he slammed directly into a pole, smashing his shoulder violently into it before his forehead bluntly hit the sidewalk. How could he look any more stupid? He rolled over to see a young American girl staring at him in horror. The expression on her face made it seem as if she had seen a stranger die. “Oh my gosh!” “Are you Okay?” asked Briana frantically as she lured her soft tan hand down to Dimitri as if it were a gift. “Umm yea yea I’m okay” replied Dimitri as he stuttered and took her hand while still helping himself up. He couldn’t help but stare at her as soon as he regained his footage. Never had he seen someone so elegant and good-looking for an American girl. “Hello, my name is Briana.” She told him as she took a second look at him and realized his Russian accent. “Hi, my name is Dimitri.” He replied while still staring at her.
For the next thirty minutes they stood on the curb, talking about unimportant things and admiring the state of Dimitri’s wounded face. Neither one knew anything about one another except names, but yet they were still so fascinated with each other. Some time had passed and more people began to walk by giving uneven facial expressions. “Well maybe we should move on.” Chuckled Dimitri. “How does and nice warm coffee and a croissant sound?” he asked. “Sounds lovely.” Replied Briana as she gracefully picked up her knock-off Prada bag that fell to the ground when she ran to the aid of Dimitri.
Dimitri wasn’t sure why he was doing this, the last thing he needed to do was make connections in America. These were enemies of his country, but he found them surprisingly charming. Everyone in Russia was so uptight. From what he had seen in his several trips to America, most of its citizens were fun and nice. This one seemed to be the best he had ever met. She was elegant but modest, and best of all she wasn’t scared. Never before had he met a woman who was not terrified of him. She had no idea of his occupation, or the terrible things he had done. The things he was here to do may trump all that he had done before, and now he had a friend who would undoubtedly be affected directly by it. All the day they sat at the diner, talking and reminiscing and sharing stories with each other. As the sun began to set, Briana knew the day was almost over, but she knew that it had not been wasted. “Well I think its time for me to go back to my room.” Briana said with hesitation. She knew she didn’t really want to go back, she was having one of the most wonderful times of her life, but yet it was so scary because she had spent her whole day with a complete stranger. Even knowing this, she still felt as though they had known each other forever.
“Oh ok, well I’ll walk you to the door.” Answered Dimitri as he struggled to grab her jacket before she did off the back of her chair. After helping her with her jacket and placing her purse over her shoulder, they walked side by side to the door. “Well, I guess this is where it ends.” Said Briana hesitantly. “Umm yea I guess so, but we will have to meet up again another time.” replied Dimitri not having enough courage to ask her for her number. “Yes, I would love that!” Briana said excited. “I do not have a phone right now but I am staying in the Hilton, so maybe we can meet up there sometime.” “That sounds great, I’ll stop in and look you up sometime, I’ve been bouncing around hotels but I’m sure you can find me lying injured on a sidewalk somewhere again.” They both then began to laugh and pondered around for a few more minutes, not wanting to walk away from one another.
Finally with enough courage, Briana took one last look into Dimitri’s eyes and turned her head and with a whip of her hair she walked away. Neither one turned back to look at each other, with the fear that one might be embarrassed.
After about twenty minutes of brisk walking, Briana found herself back at her hotel room and all snuggled down and ready to watch a movie. The thought of being alone came to her mind, but she quickly shook it out. She hated the thought of being alone right now, especially when she is so used to watching movies with her friends.
Just as she got snuggled down into her couch, a knock came to the door. With an odd feeling and a lump in her throat, Briana got up and paced herself towards the door. With a little hesitation and light touch, she gracefully wrapped her hand around the doorknob. It seemed like it took forever, but once the door was open, her eyes stood wide and her body stood still as she gazed upon the presence of Dimitri.

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