A Composition Class Project

The following novel is written in installments by the thirteen members of the Bevier C-4 Composition Class. The story is arranged as a novel, so pay no attention to the dates of posting, but follow the tale to its close. As of January 21, we are starting the third of five scenarios for our thirteen characters. You may email or leave comments if you like, and we will be happy to respond if you wish. Enjoy!

Monday, January 11, 2010


He was on his way to New York right now because of a girl that he met last year on their mission trip. They had grown very close to each other when they were on their trip; they still today were very close. They exchanged numbers and e-mail, and they had been messaging each other daily since the last day he saw her.

Zachary Morris was 23 and single, and he had been dating a lot these last couple of months, but it had not been working out good because I hadn't really found anyone who got him. He felt like the only person in this world that got him was that girl. Her name was Bioncha Elizabeth Ryan, and she was amazing. Zachary got on the computer to talk to her the other day, and he was going to tell her his true feelings, but right when he got on the computer, she said, “Guess What!!!!!!!”

He said, “ Hey, And what???”

She Said, “I’m getting married to a guy that is friends with my parents!”

He then said, “You can't!”

She then replied ”Why?”

“ Because I’m falling for you.”

She said “ I have loved you for the longest time, and you never have visited once, you have never told me the way you feel until now, so I need to move on.”

Zachary whispered, “ Well, do you still love me?”

She said” I will never stop loving you, but I don’t know if it would ever work, so good bye, and good luck!”

Zachary didn’t say anything back to her because he was in such shock that he let the one person who cared, and the one person who really got him out of his life!

Then he thought to himself, "She said that she still had feelings for me, but she just had to move on." He then started packing up all of his stuff, so determined to see her again, and hopefully he could change her mind because he would not let this go in his life.

Zachary then raced to the Airport to get the quickest plane to New York, and all they had was first class tickets which cost him an arm and a leg, but it would be worth it. The whole time he was waiting for his plane to board he just kept thinking what am he going to say to this girl, and this trip was crazy what if she was just saying she liked him to make him feel better. He did not care though; he had to try.

So there he was on a plane from Reno, Nevada, headed to New York to tell Bioncha he loved her! He thought to himself, "I have to get on two more planes before I am there. I stop in St. Louis Missouri first the fly to somewhere in Pennsylvania, then I will be there to see her and tell her what I think and that she shouldn’t do this and I really do want this to work or I wouldn’t have traveled across the United States to get to her.

"Well here I am 13 anxious hours later sitting in New York Trying to rent a car at the airport. There computer is messing up and they told me to take a seat and they will get back to me in a minute when the computer works. I cant wait to find a hotel room because I am so tired, and don’t want to be around anyone right now." With that, Zachary got off the plane.

by Andy

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