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The following novel is written in installments by the thirteen members of the Bevier C-4 Composition Class. The story is arranged as a novel, so pay no attention to the dates of posting, but follow the tale to its close. As of January 21, we are starting the third of five scenarios for our thirteen characters. You may email or leave comments if you like, and we will be happy to respond if you wish. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Remington & Rylan

She loved the rolling hills, the puzzle of the barbed wire fence, the trickle of the summer rain on the incomparable ravishing leaves of the grand oak tree that stood in front of her bedroom window. The outdoors led to so much adventure in her eyes, but through her full-blooded German parents everything was about business. But her day dreams often led her on wondrous adventures to rain forests, desserts, caves, and abundant accounts of racing danger; with her true love Rylan Fitzpatrick.

He dreamed of her long golden curls gracefully blowing in the wind with a moonlight glisten about it. They gazed at the midnight stars trying not to make a sound; for their parents would highly forbid “this type of behavior”. His mother dearest never under stood him, his thoughts, his love, and his dreams. Proper! Proper! Proper! What happened to the thrill and rush of life? When did everyone make this world so boring? Dream jobs sitting behind a desk all day? Where is the thrill, the life? He longed to be with his true love Remington Ackland.
Dinner was as silent as a graveyard, as usual. Before the butlers brought out the appetizers, Mother spoke of a lazy maid while giving her a glare and shaking her head and Father always spoke of how the stock market was affecting his line of banks. Remington always sat; day dreaming of her nights spent in the oak tree with Rylan. Before she knew it the awe-striking sunset had arrived. Alas! Night has come! She couldn’t bear the sunlight. All of the proper bore. Night brought such adventure and love. Mother insisted she would be in bed by eight and since a certain date a few years ago she never complained.

He knew exactly what Remington was doing. He knew her thoughts and her actions. She was an amazing star to him. He knew right now she was anticipating for the sunset because she thought sunshine was boring because they were not allowed to be together. Their parents did not need to know about their midnight escapades. He sat and listened to his family talk about money and politics. He sat and waited to be dismissed from the table to complete his Advanced Calculus homework; although he had finished it quite a few hours ago. Finally he was dismissed to the table and politely kissed his mother on the cheek and said goodnight and headed up to his room. Soon he would escape.

She knew his routine. It was 8:45 P.M. He was kissing his mother goodnight and laying out his Advanced Calculus book so it would look like he had been doing homework. He would act like he had fallen asleep for an hour because his mother always looked in his door at 9:30 P.M. After she had come in his room moved his books from his lap, he would wait for ten minutes for her to walk to her bathroom and begin the intense prep for bed. She knew his every move. His every thought. He was so predictable to her. It would take him a few minutes to get the horse saddled, but he would be on his way in no time.

He listened for his mother to go to her master bathroom and complete her evening prep. Containing anti-aging lotions, clipping nails, painting nails, plucking eyebrows, and all the other unimportant things his mother did to herself that he saw silly. He hated that his mother had to please my father everyday be dressing up like a beauty queen. If he thought she was beautiful all dolled up, why wasn’t she beautiful without makeup and with her hair down? He saddled up his horse and galloped to the trees. The night air of the thicket was so pleasing to him. He was on his way to see her. It was time. He signaled Fire into a hard run once they jumped the creek into the pastures. He made a clear note to stay close to the trees. He knew her parents were already asleep but he didn’t want to take any chances.

She watched vigorously out her window. There he was. You could barely see him against the trees. He always knew to take precautions and protect their secret even if it was safe to drive a car. He always brought fire because he was fast, gentle, and quiet. She hurriedly planted her pillows under her blankets to look like she was still in her bed knowing it would fool her parents. She listened against her door for footsteps. Nothing. She quietly slid her window up and felt with her feet for the trusted oak tree that held so many of her secrets.
He tied Fire at the very edge of the thicket and snuck up to the south side of the villa. She was already waiting for him. His heart leaped with exploding joy. He darted up the tree and soon he could smell her hair and see the glisten of her hair in the moonlight. He kissed her quickly without saying hello.

Her hand landed on his freshly shaved cheek. “Mom he remembered.” She hated fur on his face. She thought it took away his beauty. His kisses without saying hello always sent her heart and soul for a rollercoaster ride. He knew just how to make her knees shake. She whispered hello as if she was out of breath. He smiled took her hand and kissed it. His texts were always heart-warming, but it was nothing compared to his warm lips on hers.
He smiled and silently laughed at her weak hello. He knew what was going through her mind. He knew she loved it when he was freshly shaved. He knew she loved his wordless kisses. She was so predictable.

They talked about the one thing they could ever disagree on. College. Her dreams drew her to a college in New York. His drew him to a college in California. She cried. He stared into the moonlight with tear filled eyes at the thought of being with out here. They both hated these nights. She asked why he hated her following her dreams. She asked why he was trying to keep her in a cage. She asked why he was trying to be her parent. She begged him to go to. She just wanted him with her every night and away from their proper parents and live the dreams and love that they had always dreamed of.

This killed him. He wanted too much to be with her every day. He would give anything to solve this problem and go with her. He wanted to wipe her tears away. He held her, sighed and told her he would go. Her eyes lit up just like they did when they met. He kissed her forehead.
She couldn’t believe it. He was going with her! They never would be apart! She stopped suddenly and asked how he was going to achieve this. She heard the words come out of his mouth. Run. They were going to just so happen to go to the same college. Away from their parents, and live how they wanted to.

He couldn’t believe the words that just came out of his mouth. But he couldn’t help it. This made her happy. His dreams could wait. She needed him with her. So New York is where he would go. He was going to speak with his parents and do his best to change their mind about California.
His parents would not move. He begged and pleaded with them that this was the better choice for what his parents wanted him to be. He continually talked about how well their law school was and how far its students normally went after college.

Over a long stressful two weeks, he convinced them. Before they knew it, they were off to New York; for the famous New York minute. Their parents had no idea what the two love birds had planned.

The flight was long without their other half. But they would soon be together once they got to the air port. The flight took only five hours but it seemed like forever. She had a different flight, on a different day. He flew down the day before and was supposed to start looking for apartments. Her mind drifted away from the documentary about whether or not Pluto was a planet or not, and leaned more to seeing Rylan again. She missed him. Did he miss her?
The apartment search had been quite a success. He had found reasonable apartments in the same building, within walking distance of their new school. He couldn’t wait to see her smile again. Smell her hair; it was so distinct. On his way to the air port to pick her up he stopped by a small flower shop. He knew she loved roses, deep rich red roses. A dozen should suffice.
Once in the air port they searched diligently for the other. He tried to call her but as usual her phone was on silent. He was irritated but silently chuckled to himself. He found were her flight was supposed to come out of the loading dock and stood for a moment. But then it caught his eye. Honda motorcycle magazines. He couldn’t resist. It wasn’t that far from her exit.

She saw that smiling face next to a rack of magazines filled with motorcycle articles. She should’ve known. He pulled out a dozen roses from behind his back and kissed her without hello. Her favorite. They were finally together here, at the Big Apple.

By Lynnsey

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