A Composition Class Project

The following novel is written in installments by the thirteen members of the Bevier C-4 Composition Class. The story is arranged as a novel, so pay no attention to the dates of posting, but follow the tale to its close. As of January 21, we are starting the third of five scenarios for our thirteen characters. You may email or leave comments if you like, and we will be happy to respond if you wish. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


For many years she had longed to go to New York. Her name was Briana Rich and she had been awaiting the lovely lights and huge buildings, and all the shopping that the huge city of New York contained. She had never had enough money, so for the past year she had been saving all of her minimum wage paychecks so that she could get herself to the city.

She had always lived in a small town right on the borderline of Tennessee and Kentucky called Bartersville. Ever since a little girl she had been longing to go out and experience the world, and New York was the first place that she wanted to visit.

Being 18, she was able to go on her own. First, she went and hitched a ride with her friend Alana because her friend’s mother lived in Columbus, Ohio. From there on, she caught a ride on the Metro train, which took her clear to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After arriving there, she walked her five-mile journey to the nearest rent-a-car and rented the cheapest car and drove her way to New York City. Once into the great city, she became nervous but yet so excited! She had made it, and knew this was where she wanted to be. She found a parking garage and walked her way up the street. While walking she had seen many weird and unusual things. Even the people were a little different. The first thing she did was go to the Hilton where she had made her reservation, and she then took her belongings up to her room.

by Drayse

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