A Composition Class Project

The following novel is written in installments by the thirteen members of the Bevier C-4 Composition Class. The story is arranged as a novel, so pay no attention to the dates of posting, but follow the tale to its close. As of January 21, we are starting the third of five scenarios for our thirteen characters. You may email or leave comments if you like, and we will be happy to respond if you wish. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sabrina Scenario V

She finally found him. After a week of searching the big city of New York, she finally found him. He was staying in a big apartment building on the other side of central park in apartment number 22. She decided that night was the night. It was New Year’s Eve and she was going to win him back, she just had to. She spent the whole day getting ready and preparing herself for what the night was going to bring. Many questions kept running through her mind. Like what if he had moved on already with someone else, what if he left all his feeling for her that warm day in May when he left so long ago. She couldn’t think about all those things though. She had to keep a positive mindset.
Late that evening the streets were packed full of people. But that was expected on New Year’s. Everyone was out celebrating the new year to come. She then made her way to his apartment building. She stood there and just stared at the front door before she finally made herself go inside. Slowly but with a bit of anxiousness she made her way to his door. She knocked a few times. She didn’t hear anything, and just when she was about to leave, the door opened. They stared at each other for what seemed like hours. Sabrina could feel tears welling in her eyes. For so long she longed to see his face, this face standing right in front of her.
The she suddenly got this overwhelming urge to hold him. And before she knew it she was. She started to pull away when she realized what she done, but then she noticed that he was holding her back. He was actually into it and not pulling away. Then the inevitable tears came. She tried to pull away, but he wouldn’t let her. Then all of the sudden she was in his tight embrace and he was kissing her. Not gently either. Passionately like he had done nothing but think about and totally obsess over how much he loved and missed her over the past few months. This is exactly what he had done.
He tried to distract himself from thinking about her by burying himself in his work. It wasn’t working though. He still went home every night fighting not to go back. He knew he couldn’t. He had the same fears she did. He thought she would have already moved on and he couldn’t forgive himself for ever leaving her. He felt he deserved the punishment of a broken heart for breaking hers. And now here she was. As beautiful as ever, right in front of him. This overwhelming feeling of love and relief swept over him and he couldn’t control himself. He had to hold her. He had dreamed of this day for many months. But he always reminded himself that it was just a dream. But now, now it was reality. She was here with him, and this time he wasn’t going to let her go. This time she was his forever and he would do whatever it took to keep her safe and happy, with him.

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